25 June 2008

Give 'em what they want!

Here we are at the coffeeshop, so if ya want a picture, you get a picture! Here's the little man himself, displaying not only his incredible fashion sense, but also his amazing muscles:

Quite the little head-turner, eh? Not bad for someone who didn't have eyebrows until a week ago...

Junior made it through his first round of immunizations yesterday, which is a really lousy way to spend your two-month birthday, in my opinion. After getting poked in the legs, he did not cry. Rather, he yelled at the offending nurses.

He also had another first yesterday. Flavor!

The baby acetominoprophentol or whatever it is in a cherry suspension. Junior reluctantly opened his mouth for what he thought was a round of his yucky gas drops, only to be rewarded with SWEET! The conversation ran as follows:

"Okay, honey. Open up, these are good for you."

"Eh. Slurp. Mmm! Slurp. Mmm! Slurp. Mmm!"

Unfortunately, the yummy sweet stuff was followed by a boring old binky. This was met with a disapproving "Bleagh!" and a hearty "Ptui!", which tossed the binky to the floor. Now the poor binky gets the fisheye before it's accepted.

Maybe they should have put the medicine in a green bean suspension...?


Dianne said...

What a handsome litte man, especially sporting those new eyebrows! They are all the rage the year! He looks like he's saying "We Want to Pump---You Up" from that old Saturday Night Live skit. Or am I revealing my advanced age. Does anyone else remember that? Oh, I feel old.

jillster said...

He is completely adoramous!

The Uncle said...

Yo! What a cutie! He's definitely a keeper. Can't wait to see him in person.

Tell the old geezer happy birthday for me.

The Good Uncle :-) said...

A dragon ain't nothin' but a big lizard with wings and bad breath.


©Hotbutton Press said...

He's dreamin' about when Mom & Pop retire from the USO show. I know he's thinking that's a no-brainer, but he has faith you'll catch on eventually. LOL. What a CUTIE PIE!

Mags said...

What a beautiful boy....I can only imagine his indignation about being stung...aw, yes..cherry... yum...so many flavours out there. Now he doesn't need a 'stinking' binkie..(heehee)

Judy said...

He is adorable!!! To bad about the immys, but they are necessary and we all know that.
Love those muscles. LOL