07 April 2008


A quick check at work... and we have blog! Must be the connection at home. Too slow? Too weak? Just trying to tick me off? Who knows? Anyway, this is working, so lemme give you an update before the press starts running.

Mom's new socks are done, baby showers are surprisingly exhausting (considering how much fun they are), the gospel jam session was a good time for all, and lying on my left side makes the contractions go away.

Too bad that can't be applied to other things in life that are mildly irritating...

I have a big sack of yarn to play with! I figured I'd better stock up while the stocking was good. You just never know when you'll find yourself housebound. Not that I'll probably get much knitting done when Junior arrives, but I can keep a skein or two under my pillow during potential naps (Yeah, I know, I'm kidding myself there!) and dream of future projects.

Three weeks to go! What's new with you?


Dianne said...

That was a whole week without a post from you! I was sure that Junior had arrived early. Stop that laying on your left side - roll over and bring those contractions on! :)

Seriously, I hope you're feeling as good as a 9-months-pregnant momma can feel!

Nichole said...

Show us your socks!!!


jillster said...


Naomi said...

Post pics of the yarn! Gloating is no fun if you can't show it off to other people. :)