21 February 2008

Yawn, stretch, smile.

Ah, a good day at work. Hard and steady, none of this sitting around stuff. Barges were toted and bales lifted, no chance of boredom. Now I'm here before the computer with one of my favorite movies playing, dinner eaten, and a cool and groovy sock pattern shaping up. The movie is "The Dirty Dozen", dinner was an elaborate macaroni and cheese concoction, and the socks are for Dad. My own pattern, "Ace In the Hole".

Speaking of movies, the pat on the back goes to J for correctly identifying the quote from "Help!".

Not much else going on right now. Marie is showing an interest in her nest again after an absence that resulted in a baby bird no-show. Sleet interfered with the viewing of the lunar eclipse, and has made the sidewalks crunchy. My niece, age three, listened to a bout of Auntie's coughing and pronounced, "Your baby is going to come out soon."

Um, no, kid. I'm not coughing that hard. He's still got some time left. Maybe after Easter?

"Yeah, when it's sprinkling."

On the way home, she pointed out the window. "Kitty!"

Yes, noted Grandma, who was also in the car. Black, with white socks.

Giggles from the tiny tot. "Kitties don't wear socks!"

Hmm, I sense a possible pattern in the works here... maybe kitten mittens?


Dianne said...

"Out of the mouths of babes", eh? We need pictures of your socks!

Jillster said...


Mags said...

Kids...so honest and forthright!!!!!
I, too, would love to see Dad's sox.
Happy knitting.