23 February 2008

Hic.... ow.

Heartburn sucketh mightily. I feel like I'm belching lava! In contrast, it's snowing to beat the band outside. We got about an inch in less than an hour and it shows no sign of stopping.

So much for a "chance for sprinkles".

I'm up (down?) to the gussets on sock number two for Dad; almost done! I'd post a picture, but they probably wouldn't photograph very well, being done in a dark green and black marled yarn. I'll do another pair in a lighter shade and post a shot of those. As fast as these have worked up, it shouldn't take long at all. You can hold me to it.

It was a day for treats... hey, a sheep! Sorry, Himself is watching "Woodstock". There's a sheep in one scene, hanging around a bunch of folks practicing yoga.

Anyway, today was a good day. We had visitors! Our neighbors from across the alley stopped over for coffee and conversation, then D and K came down for more coffee and conversation, plus music and brownies.

Ah, I can hear the ears perking up. Yes, brownies. Sour cream triple chocolate fudge brownies with orange, or, "How To Get Good Things From Package Mixes When You're Short On Time". Take your basic 9X13 brownie mix and add the water and eggs called for on the box. Yes, this is cheating, especially if you're a hard-core baker, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. What ya gotta do next is add oil, but only half the amount listed. Dump in a big scoop (just short of a cup) of sour cream.

None of that fat-free garbage, either. If you're going to make something capable of putting you in a coma, use the real thing.

Okay, add about a third of a bag of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and the piece de transistors: ten drops of sweet orange essential oil. Fifty or sixty strokes with a wooden spoon... Wow, Joe Cocker is really getting down with his bad self! Ahem. Stir and spread in a greased 9X13 pan, then bake according to directions. You might need an extra minute or two, you might not. When the edges JUST BARELY think about beginning to pull away from the pan, the brownies are done. Cool 'em on a rack and frost with something decadent.

Good Lord. No wonder I've got heartburn. I need more brownies!


Mags said...

Woodstock...Joe Cocker....ahhhh..memories!!!
I'm done with the winter. (Hope Mother nature agrees.) Your brownie recipe sounds yummy..will give it a try. Keep warm.
Happy knitting.

Dianne said...

Sour cream? Really? Sounds...sour! But I haven't yet met a brownie I didn't like. :)

Naomi said...

Have you met my friend Tums?