09 February 2008

An old saw, resharpened.

"When God closes a door, He opens a window." We've all heard it, and we all know it's pretty much true. Unfortunately, I've heard nothing but doors slamming lately. That's how it seems, at any rate.

This morning, I woke up and smelled fresh air. One after another, windows were flying open all over the place!

Rufus is gone, but I have pictures and wonderful memories. Also, my dear friend J ordered a T-shirt for me, one that features a print of a Red Tick English Coonhound that looks just like him. Window open. The vet's office sent a card. Every single staff member and doctor signed it. Another window open.

I had to give up the Valentine's Day show, but tonight Himself and I will play with some of our friends at an "Opry" show in another town. Window open.

Work is aggravating, thanks to various factors, but the mailroom received a memo last night. Powdered Toast Man is no longer numbered among the employees. We'll just hope this is a window for both of us: he goes on to a new job, and we get a Circulation Manager that can do more than drive us crazy.

The CD player stopped working. Himself hooked the iPod up to our P.A. system and Junior and I rocked out to Creedence, the Beatles and Sly and the Family Stone. Window open and screen blown out.

I got home from work at two this morning and spent an hour in agony thanks to my sciatic nerve. Himself not only stayed up with me, he rubbed my back, gave me every pillow in the place, and tried his best to soothe my pain and anger until I found a position in which I could sleep. Window open, with roses blooming outside.

I don't have any sock yarn in Mom's favorite shade of green. She saw the Trekking I'm using and said, "Wow, that looks great!" Window open, birds singing.

My bloodwork came back with the news that I'm anemic. Now I can eat spinach to my heart's content. Window open, right over the garden.

I've always wondered why "sickrooms" were dark places with no windows. Counterproductive, in my opinion. It's not time that heals all wounds, it's the sun. Maybe the sun is literal, maybe it's that little piece of hope that comes with kind words from a friend. Don't worry if the doors close one by one. Just listen closely. It won't be long before you hear a window sliding up somewhere.


Dianne said...

What a lovely post. Here's hoping for lots more windows!

Mags said...

Yes indeed a lovely post...makes me think of the song "Always look on the bright side of life."
Happy knitting