12 February 2008

Good news and bad news...

Bad news first: Himself is feeling especially pitiful tonight. His feet are bothering him something fierce. Extreme ouchiness and knitted brows. The good news? His feet hurt because he's been standing on them all day.

The quarry is open again!!

In spite of his return home with a tongue-in-cheek sob story and renewed requests for a day off, we both know he's happy to be back on the job. Even though the house looks great and he's caught up on sleep, there's only so much daytime television a person can watch without going stark raving mad.

I'll be trying out that free time theory tomorrow with a day off of my own. Unless I'm a total slug, I should make significant progress on sock number two of Mom's latest pair. Finished the toe of number one just before leaving for work this morning, and I'm just about done with the cuff of the second.

Let's see, what else to do tomorrow?
1. Coffee and bagels with F, vitamins for me.
2. Knit.
3. Take iron pill.
4. Clean fish tank.
5. Lunch (Broccoli cheese soup with potato, perhaps?).
6. Knit and take another iron pill.
7. Bake peanut butter cookies.
8. Do something interesting with chicken for dinner.
9. Greet Himself with a big smile and smooches.
10. Dinner, with vitamins for me.
11. Make coffee and set out cookies for jam session.
12. Knit and listen.
13. Last iron pill of the day.
14. Sleep.

Wow, that sounds like a big day! I'd better hit the sack.


Mags said...

Glad to hear Himself is back.. bringing home the bacon!!!
Ahhh, your "to do" list sounds great...except for the pills!
Happy knitting and (yum) eating.

Nichole said...

So where are you on the list? Did you say PEANUT BUTTER cookies?? Do share! :)

Jillster said...

Yay! Himself is back to work! I'm sure he's happy, despite the sore feet. Save some cookies!!!!