07 February 2008


Well, I've learned many things today. Just now, I took a Blogthings test to discover my Sesame Street personality. I'm... Ernie! There's a stunner. The goofball with the endless supply of bad jokes and good cheer. I was almost hoping for Oscar, but Ernie is a good character to live up to.

"I one the sandbox, Bert!"

Or the "One Q" routine. Classic.

My folks just left a bit ago; we had another family dinner. Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and cornbread. Two boxes of Jiffy mix, two eggs and a can of creamed corn. Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes and break out the butter! Learned that little recipe from D and K, two of our music friends who also make fantastic chili.

While everyone was here, I learned Thing Number Three: I can fix socks! Mom brought along a sock I'd made for her ages ago; it had a hole in the toe. No longer. Pick up stitches, snip and rip, add on new yarn. Yay!

And now for the big news, in the form of What I Learned At the Doctor's Office. My blood pressure is down to safe levels, for one thing. I also had a glucose tolerance test. A nice big drink of "super Kool-Aid", followed by an hour's wait and a blood sample. At the end of the hour, my sugar was down to 114. *Much buffing of fingernails on shirtfront* The only surprise of the day was the startling news that I'm anemic.

Say what? I'm the one who can't take iron supplements because it's like overdosing on iron! Magnets stick to me. Now I'm anemic? Rats. Three 325 mg doses of ferrous sulfate daily from now until Junior arrives. I might as well live in the bathroom.

Better stock up on Archie comics!


Dianne said...

Hooray for your good news! Iron pills three times a day, though - yuck. How many weeks until the big day?

Mags said...

So glad you and the wee one are well...I sort of replied to you over at the "socknitter forum"..see where my priorities lie..(read)the forum first and then the blogs!!!!(Ha)
Happy knitting

Naomi said...

Glad to hear all is reasonably well! I'm terrible at remembering to take pills--good luck with the iron supplements!