17 August 2007

The weekend is here!

Wow, so many visitors, so many great answers! Thank you all for clicking by and indulging me. :)

It's a quarter to twelve, and most people are asleep. Those of us in the newspaper world are, well... wide awake would be a lie, but we're up and dressed. There is a pot full of astonishingly weak coffee in the mailroom, and an off-limits box of cream cheese candy in the office. Sigh.

In a few minutes, I will wander back to my knitting. Still the basketweave sock, because I spent most of the day reading "Cell" by Steven King. Before I go, I want to tell you about the cake I'm making for a baby shower tomorrow. We begin with a layer of fudge brownie.

Dark chocolate, of course. The baker's version of heroin.

On top of the brownie will be a layer of seedless raspberry jam. This will be covered with a generous slathering of white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Wow, I just gained a pound from typing that! Anyway, the next layer is cake. Moist, dark, springy chocolate cake made with sour cream. At this point, I really should come up with insulin icing, but no. More of the white chocolate cream cheese.

And sprinkles.

After eating a portion of this cake, I will no doubt be so buzzed from sugar that I will either:
A. Fly around the room, or
B. Discover that my tension is so jacked up that anything I knit will be suitable for armor.

I'm willing to take the risk.


Mags said...

My weakness..all your ingredients...top of the list the dark chocolate. ummmmm!!!!!
Your last post was indeed "food for thought"...no pun intended.(haha)

Babs said...

Oh. My. Zimmerman. I think that I can smell that cake through my moniter. This is scary. I think I'm going to go lie down.

Nichole said...

I'm hungry. :/ Can you figure out how to Fed Ex some of that yummyness my way??!!

Dianne said...

That cake sounds heavenly! Please, oh, please take a picture of it!

Babs said...

Dianne, I scoff at your foolish appeal. Surely you must know that all the cake is gone! ;)

Dee said...

That cake description almost sounded as good as it tasted. Almost.


Dee Anna

Lisa Marie said...

That cake ROCKED!! I envy L for taking the few remaining pieces home with her =)

Jillster said...


Missed you this weekend at the staged reading!

Coffee sometime this week?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the cake was even better the second day? It really was! I ate too many pieces in the days following the shower. I wanted to tell you how much I LOVED it. But of course, you knew I would, otherwise I'd be an alien from another planet. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

If my doctor chides my weight gain on Monday, I'm blaming it on you! :)