20 August 2007

Another round of excitement.

Monday. Latin for "Give me my yarn and go away." This afternoon however, I can only stare at said yarn and fondle it mentally. If I had the camera here, you would see a lovely picture of...ink. Lovely black ink up to my inner elbow on both arms. I can only be grateful that I don't have to deal with the magenta. I'd look like an ad for abattoir management.

The cake was a success, the baby shower was a smash. L, you are obviously good at this, so don't stress so much next time! :) Tonight's "fun with food" venture concerns cream cheese candy, so I will keep you posted.

The basketweave socks are done! It turns out that they weren't for me. Just as I suspected. They have gone to their new home and will be much loved. On to baby clothes. Little preemie things in lavender. Aw, how cute.

Hm? Oh. The, er, family concern. Yes. I've decided to be snotty about the whole thing. Lady Voldemort went into Mom S' house and tossed our wedding photo on the floor. When her husband, Himself's middle brother, was confronted about the entire fiasco by the oldest brother, said middle brother began to lecture about "how you little people think". Well, "phbbt" to you, too, Dude!

Knitted gifts are a privilege, not a right or an obligation. Since knitting is something that I love, the items I make should be given in the same spirit, yes? Fie on you, evildoing in-laws! Grovel before She Who Knits! Skulk in your mass-produced sweaters! Writhe and froth in dismay over the cool stuff recieved by others! HAH HAH HAH!

And if you really tick me off, I'll knit you some Karakul underwear!


Nichole said...

Lady V needs to be tossed on the floor, if you get my drift! Does this mean you are no longer wasting your time knitting for her daughter?
Btw, you are FAST to comment, lol... and yes I was thinking the same thing about what other inmates do to people in jail ... recall a certain priest who went to jail in Mass and was "taken out" a few years ago?

Jillster said...

All I can figure out is that Female Voldemort ("Lady" is too good a word for her) and her husband must have gotten a lot out of seeing your husband be oppressed and miserable, since they certainly seem to resent you and the fact that he's leaps and bounds happier with you, and more confident to boot. I can't figure out people like that. Your knitting is too good for the likes of them!

Jen C said...

Fie on her!!! They deserve nothing handmade from you ever again! People like that are not worth the stress and pain they cause in families.

Mags said...

Awww...knitting...soothes the soul.
Your in-laws are petty, petty people. I would give them nothing!!!!

Nichole said...

You've been tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger - see my post today! :)

Babs said...

I just posted about people expecting free knitted gifts. Growl.

Oh, and feminism and knitting. And Apple and Microsoft. In the same post. It's all sort've mixed together. Whatever.