14 August 2007

Random stuff.

How many of you think of lots of cool things to post, only to stare blankly at the screen when you actually sit down?

Yes, it was nice to sit and stargaze, in spite of the lack of meteors. And singing with Dad was really neat. We're the lead vocalists in our "regular" band, but this is the first time we've sung for a church service together. R, the bass player, told Dad afterwards that "It doesn't cost a dime to join, but it's five hundred dollars to quit!"

I think I might make some good progress on the second basketweave sock today. Then I have to turn my attention to baby gifts. Got some good suggestions for Christmas presents...knowing kids as I think I do, little stuff should be just the ticket. Maybe small felted treasure bags in bright colors, each with a gold dollar inside? Break out the loom and whip up some dishtowels or table runners for the grownups? Flee to the Bahamas and tell them we'll bring back a coconut apiece?

What do you call women who do woodworking for their nieces and nephews?

Carpenter Aunts.


Mags said...

I just read you so I can sit here at my computer and chuckle(tho' your editor doesn't appreciate you, we in the blog world do!)...love the 'carpenter aunts' joke!!!

Nichole said...

Oh... Felted bags for the kids with treasures inside - great idea!!!