10 August 2007

It's official: I kick butt!

I am taking some of the "Find Your Inner Dragon" quizzes online. So far, I'm an Earth Elemental Dragon, a Green Dragon, and a Topaz Dragon. I'm also most like Spiderman, but that's a completly unrelated quiz.

Here is the Topaz Dragon description, according to the DragonHame quiz:

Topaz Dragon

In the war between good and evil, a Topaz Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality. When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon is a risk taker and answers to no one. As far as magical tendancies, a Topaz Dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic. During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Dragon Description:
The Topaz dragon makes it's home on temperate islands and coastal regions. This particular gem dragon is widely known for it's impish behavior and charm.
Unless something specifically interests or affects them, topaz dragons tend to be indifferent to happenings about them.
When born, a topaz dragon is a dull yellow-brown in color, infused with streaks of blue. As the dragon ages, its scales harden, darken and become translucent and faceted. A topaz dragon shines brightly, giving off rays of amber and blue light.
This Dragons favorite elements are: Topaz, Beauty, and Charm.

Well, well. And topaz is my birthstone, too. Except for the fact that my inner dragon totally rules the field in defensive magic, it's a fair assessment.

Poor Himself! On the way to work this morning, his vehicle started screaming at him. The company mechanic listened, nodded, and concluded that there was a seal problem. Hard to imagine, as we are nowhere near a coast, but hey. Many tales of woe ensued, most of them concerning the difficulty of the repair job ahead. A few moments ago, Himself called and sheepishly confessed that he'd accidentally hit the 4-wheel drive button upon entering the auto. Oops. Problem solved and no outlay of cash required. Huzzah!

I am having a fabulously lazy day. Up and showered for my day off, I headed to the local coffeeshop for a steamed egg burrito with cheese and some Kenya coffee. I'm still here, drinking coffee and farting around on the computer. At some point, I'll probably mosey over to the cafe for lunch, then head home to change for this evening's Point Of Interest. I'm doing costume design for a play that takes place in 1933. Conflict between the Jewish and Christian communities just as Hitler begins his rise to power. The director thought it would be a good idea for the cast to attend a service at the synagogue up in the city, and I wangled an invite for myself.

I've got to get these socks done. I should take a picture; I'm very pleased with them. Then it's on to baby stuff. If I do decide to be nice, I'll make sure that whatever I create does not pass through the hands of Lady V. OOOH!! I'm a genius! I'll give it to Mom S! SHE can give it to Lady V's daughter, and then they'll HAVE to keep and display it! HAH HAH HAH!

Imagine a tiny jacket with a dragon-scale pattern...

Speaking of Mom S, the pacemaker is in and she's settled in her new room at the rehab facility. She has a posh room and access to a hairdresser, plus all of her friends can come and visit at any time. We were happy to hear how strong her voice is, even after the second surgery. She's in much better spirits, even laughing out loud when I told her a few stories about the birds playing together.

Hey, there's a really cool moth on the window; his wings look like parchment flower petals.

Hmm, another cup of coffee, and then a few more rounds on the sock. Sketch a few baby patterns, mentally rummage through my stash, another cup of coffee...What a great day. What are YOU up to?


Nichole said...

I'm jealous of your lazy day! I did take a LAZY 2 hour lunch though - shh! Its good when the boss is on vaca. ha ha
Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. My Mom went to her rehab place yesterday and is much happier - she even had my cousin bring her a roast beef sandwich & rootbeer last night! :)

Jen C said...

Ahhh man, I had to work all day and it is pouring rain here and the espresso latte machine is broken and I am not about to drink cafeteria coffee, so some Honost Tea from the fridge and Strawberry Cheesecake yogurt and I will survive the frizz hair day and hopefully finish up my SITM socks tonight. Congrats on such a wonderful day!!

Mags said...

You...having a lazy day...can't imagine that!!!