06 July 2007

Upcoming plans!

Greetings, all! No cookies today, but plenty of music and knitting. If all comes to pass as it was foretold, I will soon be receiving the gift of Travelling Wilburys for the ol' iPod. You know, I'm never going to fill that thing, but at least I'll always have my favorite stuff at hand.

In other music news, this is going to be a full weekend. Tomorrow we travel to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve for our monthly dose of Living History. My new outfit is complete, as you saw in an earlier post, and I'll get to show it to our resident costume genius. Since I'll wear it to the park, I need to make sure that I carry along a change of clothes. We have a gig tomorrow night! An Opry in Eureka, with us as part of a put-together band of old friends. While it IS an Opry, prairie clothes are probably not part of the expected dress code. Heh.

Fast-forward to Sunday morning: singing for a local church. About once a month, we join a group of old-time gospel musicians to play for the late service of the Methodist Church. Nice people, fun music. I get to do TWO songs this time, Acc-cent-chu-ate the Positive and Amazing Grace. The scary part is, we'll be live on the radio. Keep your fingers crossed!

Remember that blue roving I mentioned? It is, indeed, super cool. Dark indigo with thin streaks of white, maroon and green. It's spinning up to look just like brand-new denim! Looks like I'll wind up with about five skeins of three-ply sport weight, around three hundred yards each. Maybe a T-shirt is in order? I am open to suggestions.

I'm going to have the strongest neck muscles in the world. Kntting or spinning in my lap, coffee on the table to my right, and Dr. Who on the telly. Spinal aerobics!

The pink baby shawl is working up nicely, but I'd almost forgotten how mind-numbingly boring a pattern of ever-increasing garter stitch can be. Argh! Must...make...lace...socks! Must...escape...dullness! Oh, get a grip! Time to head home. Coffee. Yarn. Oh, and I need to make some brownies for the local fire department. They did a lot of good deeds and hard work during and after the recent flooding, they deserve a treat. Fudge brownies with sour cream and chocolate chunks, eh? Mmmm. Better make some for myself.

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