05 July 2007

A fine Fourth.

A lazily productive day. Rather than celebrating the independence of our country by blowing up a small portion of it (Go, Simpsons!), we gave thanks for our freedom by exercising that particular right. Freedom to sit on our duffs and enjoy each other's company. Ah!

We later exercised freedom of choice by going out for chili dogs and enjoying the Twilight Zone marathon. Oh, and we got a new flag from the VFW. Hey, it was raining! How outrageous should we get? :)

I did finish up the other 400 yards of "dead clown" roving. Spun, plied and set. Two of our friends are adopting a baby girl; they're off to China as of today. This required some knitting on my part. I dug up my very softest acrylic yarn (In shades of pink? Where did that come from?) and started a simple butterfly-esque shawl. A small variation on the traditional baby blankie, but perfectly suited for wrapping around a tiny form in need of cuddles. After a healthy start on that, I went back to spinning.

Yes, I have a bad case of Knitter's Attention Deficit Disorder. I admit it! But this new roving is super cool. And it's blue! I think it will be a tank top as a reward for me when I lose twenty pounds. It's a realistic goal. The length of time it wil take me to lose said weight is probably equal to the length of time it will take me to settle long enough to do all of the spinning AND the designing AND the knitting. Darned KADD.

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