24 July 2007

Today my head exploded.

There I was, having coffee and a pleasant chat with my good friend J. The phone rang. My day went nutso from there.

In a nutshell, I took the day off and retrieved my nieces from daycare in order to take them to the doctor on a suspected case of chicken pox. Unfortunately, no one can decide if it's chicken or chigger pox. Sigh. I stayed home, the kids slept, and very little got done. They behaved rather well at the doctor's office, so we did snag lunch at Sonic. They enjoyed the chicken strips and chocolate milk, I had the grilled chicken wrap, no dressing. Their mama picked them up later and was filled in on what info was available. Himself took me to dinner as a treat, then to the coffeeshop for some down-and-dirty blogging.

No such luck. The connection is down, down. I'm currently hanging out in the parking lot of the local library, woo-hoo!

On the plus side, I'm safe to interact with the preschoolers tomorrow, so we can make ice cream as an end-of-term treat. Cookies and cream, of course!

I want to go home and find the thickest, nubbiest wooly yarn in my stash and make something mindless. What'll it be, Magee?

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