11 July 2007

A profound lack of boundless energy.

Actually, I'm having a very good day. As repayment to a friend for putting a seat on an old rocking chair, I agreed to make said friend a loaf of banana bread. Oddly enough, although I have baked all manner of treats and list "cake decorator" a one of my day jobs, I have...never...baked...banana bread. I don't know why.

Today I baked a "practice" loaf and brought it to work. It is no more! It has gone to cake Valhalla! It's run down the curtain and joined the pastries invisible! Ahem.

Everyone said that it was very good, and that they wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with another piece. I'll take that as a good sign and make Loaf II for the fix-it friend.

I'm putting my current knitting project aside for a day. Did I tell you about that? Some friends are off to China to meet their new baby, so I thought I'd make a baby shawl. Something soft and cuddly, just right for wrapping around a little girl without being the traditional blankie. Choose a simple pattern, I thought. Something that looks nice but can be knocked out before they get back. Duh. Soft yarn flecked with pink. Nice. Drapey with hints of fuzz. Nice. Garter stitch with four increases every other row. MIND-NUMBINGLY BORING!!! I remind myself to put happy thoughts into this shawl, or the new baby will cry when she's wrapped in it. As soon as I think about that, the shawl seems to progress rapidly. Perhaps I should apply that philosophy to more aspects of my life...

Anyhow, I'm going to get a pair of socks going. Remember the "Sock Curse/Gift"? These are to be the second half. I found some nice manly sock yarn in blue and charcoal. Lana Grossa, 80% wool, 20% polyamide. I can alternate between the two projects and keep myself focused on the recipients, rather than the ticking of the clock. Maybe I just need to turn up the volume on the radio?

Jam night at the local coffeehouse! No, this does not mean toast. It means a diverse group of musical ability levels, coffee, knitting and gabbing. What B refers to as the Rhythm Guitar Marching Band. With yarn groupies.

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