12 July 2007

A dilemma.

Before I delve into my stash of complete rudeness, I shall seek opinions. Suppose you were enjoying the company of a new friend and fellow crafter. The two of you are seated in comfy chairs and sharing lively conversation. At the same time, both of you stop to count stitches. Just then, the town irritant shows up. He begins to talk. Loudly. He asks irrelevant questions. Also loudly. After a few affirmative and/or negative head-bobs from his unfortunate audience, both of whom are still counting stitches, the irritant says, "Oh, are you counting?" AND CONTINUES TO YAK. This happens on a regular basis. The worst part is, he's also breathing booze breath in my ear! Short of stabbing him with knitting needle or suggesting that he engage in anal congress with various items at hand, what should I do?

There. It's out of my system. On to pleasantness!

The new sock is coming along nicely. Lots of stitches, though, as it's sized for a large man-foot. Size US2 needles and 72 stitches. 1X1 ribbing for the cuff, might go for six inches or so there. Padded band heel, 3X1 ribbed instep. That's the plan, anyway. The colors stack up in a pleasing fashion, and the stitch definition is quite good. I'll have to alternate between the sock and the shawl in order to finish both in a timely manner, but that oughta be simple enough.

Rehearsal tonight, gospel style. Playing for a get-together at the local Methodist church this Sunday evening. Poor A sweats buckets at the thought of performing in public, although he's very good and has a nice voice. Himself is just happy for the chance to make music. Same here. Speaking of music, we'll be getting a tape of the Eureka gig. K says although filmed by a volunteer and performed by a pickup group, it's not too embarassing to watch! Yay, us.

More banana bread to be baked tonight, with a possibility of chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm!

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Dianne said...

My first thought was to just paste a smile on your face, lose count of your stitches, and try again after the pest moves along to bother someone else. Goodness knows we all have to put up with all kinds of people in this world, and the nicer we are (or can pretend to be) to others, the better off we all are. Then I read about the booze breath... I cannot deal someone who has been drinking. Maybe it's just a hang-up of mine, but if someone is drunk (or working on getting there) I don't want to be around them. I would politely (or not-so-politely) excuse myself, and find somewhere else I absolutely had to be at that very minute. (I definitely wouldn't stab him with a knitting needle. You might break a needle - what a waste of a perfectly good knitting needle! Ha!)