14 June 2007

Things you can do with toast

I know one thing, you can make a phenomenal mess with it. I've learned something else, too. Toddlers are not allowed to watch TV during breakfast. Eating is exchanged for blank-faced stares while the toast ices over. Turn off the tube, and the eggs magically disappear! Must remember that for future babysitting reference.

Music tonight! We're playing a gig in Whosisville soon, but we can't get the whole band together in one place. The guy that invited us to play with him is coming over to run through the setlist, note key changes, etc. We'll be playing stuff we already know, so it should turn out well.

Hm, a little more Parmesan cheese in the scrambled eggs next time...

Hey, kids are good exercise! I've gotten up six times in the last ten minutes to rescue things. Blankets, toys and assorted limbs that have been thrown out of the playpen. Now they're playing "Ghost" with blankets over their heads.

I'm working on a preemie sweater today. A nice lady on Knitter's sent me some great links for patterns. I plan to knit a bunch of them for the local hospital. Now that the weather's nice, I need to wash up some of that merino and spin it up for J's stockings. SCA stuff. Above-the-knee, plain knit, dyed red with madder root. I hope I can get them done brfore the cold weather sets in; they've been on the to-do list for...ever. Heh. Ahem. Yes, I will wash fleece today. It can soak while I dismantle the debris in the living room.

Jeez, ten o'clock already? Gotta do my hair, run the kids to daycare and head for work. Oh, and buy some of that cheap gas that's available today. $2.88, wow! Makes me wanna buy at least three gallons.


©Hotbutton Press said...

One of my fave mystery writers has a superb recipe for lemon bars in one of the Gray Whale Inn novels. Now go visit her website and tell me you don't feel kinship with this person:



Daniele from Socknitters

theproofreader said...

Hey Silfert,
Glad your blog is up and running..sounds like you have fun regardless of what you're doing!
Can't wait to see some pix; knits, cookies...whatever.