13 June 2007

Blogging, Day 1

And here we go with Day 1! Welcome to Music, Knits And Cookies. I'm your host, silfert. Why Music, etc? Well, many years ago I was listening to a Dr. Demento broadcast and heard the song "Music, Sex And Cookies". A very cheerful tune, extolling the virtues of all three. I decided to go with things I enjoy on a daily basis.

First, music. Can't live without it. Sing it, play it, write it or just crank it way up on the stereo, gotta have music.

Knits next. I knit at home, at work (on breaks), at the store, at the dentist's, even in the dentist's chair! Socks are a favorite project, but I'll try any pattern once. Like the man said, "If I don't like it after a couple of hours, I'll put my clothes on and go home".

Cookies! Self-explanatory. Windmills, fig bars, good ol' chocolate chip. Throw in a pot of coffee and life is grand.

That's it for now. Come back any time! We can talk about the above-mentioned items and anything else that comes along.

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