25 January 2014

It's been how long?!


I suppose I should bring this beastie up to date, eh?


You'll recall that Himself was diagnosed with a large and nasty Lymphoma in April of 2012. He was admitted to the hospital, went through chemo, and was on the mend as far as anyone could tell. We celebrated, I took a mini vacation, and all was right with the world.

Then it came back.

As any oncologist will tell you, Lymphomas get particularly evil when you try to banish them. A rogue cell called in the troops, and the Lymphoma came back stronger than before, right before Christmas.

Oh, yeah. Junior was diagnosed with Autism at the same time. It was a fun holiday.

To make a long story slightly less long, Himself went through more chemo, more hospitalizations, a stem cell transplant (using his own cells), a heart attack (because he's an overachiever like that), and quarantine in addition to all kinds of other medical stuff.

A quote from the man: "Y'know, when I was in the hospital, I was pukin' and miserable and couldn't eat and had diarrhea and hurt all over, but I had a pretty good time."

This from the guy who had to be defibrillated on at least two separate occasions.

Today, I am VERY grateful to be able to say that the Lymphoma appears to have been banished permanently. Himself has hair again, and is getting his appetite back. He's unable to sit or stand for more than half an hour at a time, but he can still tear up the frets like nobody's business.

So that's the past year in a very small nutshell. Next time, I'll tell you about Junior and his awesome progress. What have you been up to?


Judy said...

Just a simple day in the life of Audrey. Dear you have been through the mill and came out like a million bucks.
Hope this year is calmer for you.

Shirley Harring said...

Are you still online, dear Audrey? I miss you! x