30 November 2011

A note from Junior.

It seems my life has evolved into large stretches of various kinds of work broken up by brief stretches of sleep. Since this kind of thing is totally boring, I'm gonna let Junior fill you in on the details of his morning.

"Hi. I am three, and Mama says I can write to you because she is tired. I am going to tell you about things to do when you wake up.

First, you get your blocks. I have lots of blocks with numbers and letters on them. I like to spell things. After you spell some things with blocks, you can go to the cold box and get some string cheese. Cheese is good, but it's hard to open, so you go to Mama's room and put the cheese on her face. Then she wakes up and opens it for you.

After you eat the string cheese, you can play document. Turn on the computer and make a document. This is fun, because you can make big letters and numbers in lots of colors. I like to spell 'xylophone' and 'ice cream' and 'elephant'. Playing document is a good game, but it makes you hungry, so you need cereal. Go to Mama's room and ask. She will say, "Zzzzzzzzzz", and that means okay. Get a bowl and the cereal and put them on Mama's head, and she will pour some for you. You don't need any milk, because you can have some in a sippy later.

After you play document and eat cereal, it's eight o'clock and time to help Mama get up. Eight o'clock is a good time for Mama to get up, because she goes to bed at four, and four plus four is eight. Four plus five is nine, but that's later. Go to Mama's room and tell her what time it is. She will look funny, because her hair wakes up first and stands up everywhere. You have to pull on her hand to help her up, then she will make coffee and sit at the table and you can sit on her lap. After Mama has coffee, she will sing and play games with you. I like the math game. Mama tells me two numbers, and I tell her what they make. Then she takes away some numbers, and I tell her what's left. Then she tickles me and makes more coffee.

After coffee, you can have breakfast. I help Mama make egg and cheese and toast and prunes. You can play some more after you finish your egg and cheese, but you don't have to eat all of your toast right away.

Mama says I am a very, very good little boy, and that she loves me more than everything. I love Mama, too, and Daddy."

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