10 April 2011

Truth in advertising.

The season is off to an early start this year, it seems. We visited schools for Kansas Day, organized an event for May, and took part in Agricultural Day out at the Visitor's Center.

The season? Living history season, of course. The time when Himself and I hang out in our old-timey garb and chat with tourists in places with names like the Tallgrass Prairie and Constitution Hall. They say that those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. Well, I guess we're not learning much, because we repeat the past every summer. We have a great time, though.

One part of re-enactments and history "festivals" that I always enjoy is checking out the goods for sale. Moccasins and bead work, aged farm equipment, books; there's all kinds of stuff to be seen. Every now and then, we find a keeper that absolutely HAS to come home with us. Mind you, it must be cool and groovy enough to please my spouse's particular tastes. It has to look natural, or at least authentic. It can't be something that "everybody" already has six of.

Plastic Abraham Lincoln bobble-head doll with kung fu grip? Not a chance. Five hundred pound chunk of limestone that looks like the skull of Godzilla? Heck, yeah! Haul that sucker to the house.

On one memorable day in June, we were doing our thing at Territorial Days in Lecompton. Himself took a break from playing music and roasting in the sun to check out the vendors. He tracked me down a while later, bearing his latest prize. It was cool and groovy and it looked authentic. As a bonus, it was funny.

He proudly displayed a weatherbeaten metal sign and announced, "This is going on the front of the house!" I read the sign and agreed that here was something that fit right in with the rest of our eclectic collections.

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