19 October 2010


I got coffee,
I got cookies.
I got transferred;
who could ask for anything more?

After one final miserable evening in the world of packing, I finally snapped. With all of the calm and dignity I could muster, and with the most rational explanation I could devise, I went to the King of Temps and promptly burst into tears.

He freaked.

I am now back at my original job in the number two building, compiling orders for the Direct-To-Consumer side of the business. As with the other job, the people are great, the company is great, the food in the cafeteria is great. This time, however, the job sucketh not.

And my hands are ready to knit again! Who wants socks?!


Molly said...

I'll take a pair! Not even fussy about the pattern, just as long as they're warm! Glad your job no longer sucketh!

The Lass said...

Yay for that! I am glad you're happy where you are now.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Totally most excellent! Congrats.

Dianne said...

Yay for a non-sucking job!

Lourie said...

I'll take some. Woot!