11 July 2010

In which I get artsy-fartsy and display the mess.

I found some yummy fiber
that was fine and white and soft.
I spun it into two-ply;
it has quite a bit of loft.

It's squishy, warm, and wonderful,
with hints of pearly glow.
It's intended for a present,
but I'll hate to see it go!


Mags said...

O...beautiful yarn, and it looks like you're knitting a lovely lace project.
Parting with some stuff is just heartbreaking....hope it's going to a good home!
Happy knitting.
M xo

silfert said...

A very easy shawl pattern, just like the violet/black one from a few posts ago. I'm using yarnovers instead of the "make one", becasuse the intended wearer liked the idea of a touch of lace. She's making me a custom knitting basket in return!

Lourie said...

You do artsy fartsy well! Haha. The project is looking good.