25 June 2010

A little progress.

See that? No, it's not the little girl next door. This is two of five skeins of yarn that I've spun for the big shawl project.

Remember Old Gold from the exciting colorbomb story? This is how it looks after carding and spinning. I love it when I manage to do what I'm trying to do, and this color is just what I wanted. I'm pretty pleased with the black and violet, too. The pattern for the shawl can be found here (if I did the link thing correctly), for those who want to play along at home.

As you can see, these little bits of yarn aren't even close to how much I'm going to need. It's a start, anyhow. I've got the rest of the gold to spin, and I've already done up three skeins of the violet/black. I've got to do at least one more, then make some plain black for the border. Then it's miles and miles of garter stitch.

Endless garter stitch. For days. Weeks, maybe. Nothing but garter stitch.


Hey, this sock yarn sure is pretty! Everybody needs socks. Maybe I can...


Lourie said...

I used to know her! haha :D

Mags said...

Gorgeous yarn, great project...it's gonna be beautiful once you plow thru all the endless miles....can't wait to see!
Happy knitting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, see, you KNOW I love your knitting!

Molly said...

Someone needs to slap me. I followed your link to the pattern and found myself thinking "I could make that..." Hell-oh! [maybe that should be Hell-no!]In the time it takes a gnat to fart I had forgotten all the half-done quilting projects in line in front of it! As pretty as it is, I decided I will not be making it anytime soon!