13 March 2010

Rude thoughts about the Post Orifice.

That's what I'm having today, because they had the NERVE to close at 11:00 this morning, which is a really stupid time to close a major center of activity.

Especially when I needed a stamp.

Actually, I needed to mail a great big box full of cool and groovy stuff which was already properly labelled and taped and would have taken maybe two whole minutes out of their day if they could have found it in their hearts to take pity on a poor deprived night shift worker who did her very best to wake up early enough to get to the Post Orifice at a reasonable time and open the freaking DOOR, but no.

They close at eleven instead of noon on Saturday. Stupid Post Orifice.


Thanks to the horribly cold and nasty drizzly weather, I was unable to walk with Junior to the Post Orifice YESTERDAY, which would have solved all of the world's problems and made me cheerful and productive today.

Fortunately, not everything sucks. I have coffee and chocolate, plus the wheel bearings on the Big Red Beast have been replaced and we will not go skidding off into a ditch when the wheel bearings in question decide to seize up and ruin our day.

This is high on the list of Good Stuff.

The Post Orifice still sucks.

In other news, Junior has decided to learn to speak German. This is an interesting choice, because his daddy is of Austrian descent, while Mama is an eclectic sort of Lithuanian/Irish blend.

Junior has been learning quite a few spoken words lately, and the most recent is "yeah". Except it comes out as "yah". Intrigued, I asked him to try and say "nein". He complied, and spent the rest of the day responding to every question with "yah" or "nen".

"Want a cookie?"


"Can I share it with you?"


"Can I have the whole thing?"


Either he's just enjoying these new sounds, or the kid's REALLY sharp. Maybe I'll sic him on the Post Orifice...


Lourie said...

Smart kid! HAHAHAHA! Just remember that when he wants to borrow the car. ;)

Mags said...

Just finished reading your blog(my fault for not visiting)...great stuff!
Always hate being a few minutes too late, and missing out, the story of my life!
Ah, the bright spot, your wee man...he's just so smart.
P.S. I loved Lourie's comment. LOL
Happy knitting.