19 March 2010


If I actually make a list of the things I should be doing, does that give me any "non-slacking" points?

I should be working on the handspun alpaca thingy.

I probably ought to do the dishes.

There's laundry to be washed.

I was just presented with about fifty pounds of plastic storage, which needs to be washed up.

I really need to sort through the cardboard boxes and transfer a bunch of that stuff into the soon-to-be-washed plastic storage.

There are toys everywhere.

I need to fill my quota of spam deletion.

Getting dressed is always a good idea.

I have ten packages to prepare for mailing.

I'd like to make a watchcap for my visiting uncle who was in the Navy and would probably like a cool and groovy WWII Red Cross reproduction.

I need to do some baking tomorrow; I ought to make a list of ingredients to buy.

Yep, that's quite a list. Lots of interesting and important stuff to do. Most of it can probably be handled pretty quickly. Throw the plastic storage into the tub, start the laundry, shove the toys into the large cardboard box, er, playhouse... Yeah, I'll bet I could manage to get most of it done in just a couple of hours.

Too bad we're going to the park instead.


Lourie said...

I don't make lists anymore. They only mock me.

Judy said...

the park sounds like the best idea.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, considering the weather today is probably making you stay inside, the park was a wise choice, my friend.

Hot cocoa is calling me.