05 October 2009

It's October?!

Whoa, dude!

Let's see... well, I am now a little more technnologically advanced. I joined Facebook (snicker), and I'm posting via a new-to-me laptop, courtesy of J. Very cool, eh? Yes, indeed. Let's cover the basics regarding music, knits, and cookies.

Music: we're rehearsing for a show this weekend. It's a fundraiser for a local historic schoolhouse. For ten bucks, you get chili and soup and pie, plus the acoustic extravaganza that is us. We're so big-time now, we have an opening act! Bluegrass, old-time country, Irish fiddle tunes, and almost certainly at least one Beatles song.

We're also going to see Tommy Emmanuel the night before we play, so we ought to be good and inspired!

Knits: not much. The Zauberball socks, the felted pillows, the hat and scarf set; they're all still in the works, along with some yarn that needs to be spun and mailed. It's just a matter of time. I'm not sure how much I'll have now, because this is the day I go on night shaft.

Read that again. Night shaft. It's not a typo. I'll be working nights Monday through Friday from now until the paper finally folds, or they change their minds. Sigh. On the plus side, I get to spend the day with my boys. Himself can go and putter in the garage or whatever, and I can keep up with my new exercise regimen by taking Junior out in the stroller. On the downside, I'll probably get even less sleep than before. We shall see.

Cookies: chocolate chip tonight, to go with the Macaroni In HD that will be tonight's dinner.

And now, whaat you've all been waiting for: the latest on Little Himself! Junior is teaching himself new signs almost daily. Just this week he picked up "bath", "juice", and "hot". He's a sharp little dude, picking up on things I say and putting them together with actions. He tossed a book on the table and it knocked against my coffee cup.

"Careful, Honey. Don't hit the coffee or it will spill."

A raised little eyebrow, followed by the sign for "bath".

"That's right. You'll get it all over you and need a bath."

The sign for "all done" and off he goes.

I'm telling you, he's a genius. I'll have him knitting by Kindergarten.


Sue said...

Chocolate chip ! Hmm... that sounds good. I'm going to make a batch right now.

Mags said...

Sounds like you're making music, making cookies (choc chip, yum) and just not knitting too much. Oh well two outta three ain't bad.
Say no more...of course your little man is brilliant...after all he is your little man!
Enjoy your new laptop.
Happy knitting.
P.S. Sorry to hear the paper might fold.
M. xo

Lourie said...

Ooooh a new toy! I am sooo jealous. And chocolately chip cookies too. I have brownies and my laptop is 4 years old. Enjoy your new toy.

rhubarbwhine said...

Yum. Sharing? :)