24 June 2009


It is hot.

I mean, it is REALLY stinkin' hot. Of course, it's also June, but does it have to be 100 degrees with a billion percent humidity?

No, it does NOT.

However, we live in Kansas. For the most part, this means that if the weather is not suited to one's taste, one need only wait five minutes and one will be granted an entirely new set of meteorological gripes.

I've been waiting all day and it's STILL boiling outside. Naturally, I'm in a coffeshop drinking hot coffee and contemplating a ball of wool.


In my defense, I'm going to knit some cute little frilly, girly baby booties for a co-worker's upcoming grandbaby with said wool. And the coffee? Hey, I read Giant about six times. I know all about using coffee to raise your internal temperature, thus making the air around you feel cooler.

Of course, the half-dozen ceiling fans blowing on me don't hurt, either. Now if I could just keep my palms from sweating all over my knitting...


Molly said...

We need to round up some violin players to play a boo-hoo melody.....If you think it's hot in Kansas, try coming to our particular corner of Florida.[as she melts into a puddle on the floor.]

silfert said...

Hmm... Do you have chiggers? If you don't have chiggers, I might trade. :)

Lourie said...

I did the humidity AND the chiggers when we lived in VA. I will pass on BOTH! It's warm now, but come July we will be in triple digits--sometimes hitting 115-- til about mid September. And the official cool weather won't come until about mid November. I still wouldn't trade.

Jennifer said...

I heard a rumor that hot coffee actually causes your body temp to go down on a hot day.... Read it somewhere just this past weekend. Of course, Starbucks may have written the article!

yarndork said...

See, that's exactly why I started on a cotton rug.

Mags said...

It's only in the high 80's here in Pa..so we're cool compared to the rest of the country!
Careful with the sweaty palms or your booties will felt!!
Happy knitting.

Sue said...

It's too hot here in Missouri, too. I agree completely with your theory of drinking hot coffee in the summer to cool down. It's the same theory that covers my eating ice cream in the winter to warm up.

rhubarbwhine said...

It's so COLD here, my feet are freezing and my fingers numb. I am such a wimp, our winter is nothing on yours. Trade you some heat for some cool?