22 May 2009

Behold my total lack of photography skills!

As promised, the finished spiral socks. Notice that you cannot see the spiral or the finishing. Trust me, it's all there.

It was fun, figuring out how I wanted these to look. It was even more fun to realize that they LOOKED the way I wanted them to look. Yay, me!

I also found another use for cotton yarn beyond the standard dish cloth. My friend L has no cup holder on her wheelchair, which means that she has to find a helpful shelf or grow an extra hand to stow her drinks while on the go. Not anymore! Presenting the soda sling:

Of course, L is such a cool person, she would have raved about it even if it totally sucked. Lucky me, she actually loves it. Now I just ahve to scribble out the pattern so I can make another one. It would go great on my bike handlebars.

If my bike wasn't in the garage with a bent rim...

Okay, I have to go forth and be productive now. This means column writing, more knitting, and encouraging Junior's new pastime: Blankies Overboard!


Lourie said...

If you haven't already seen this posting-- http://itsalark.blogspot.com/2009/05/rude-awakenings.html -- check it out. It's a glimpse into your future.
I love the coke/bottle sling. what a fabulous idea!!!

Mags said...

Clever girl..the soda sling is such a great idea! Your sox are super, is this another original Silfert??
I loved the boy, he seems so determined...sorta reminds me on tying blankets together to make an escape from jail. Boy, he is getting big!
Have a great weekend.
Happy knitting..if you get a minute!

Judy said...

T is so cute. Love the blankie game.
Socks look loverly and if you look closely you CAN see the spiral.
Nice coke sling, great idea,\.
Have a wonderful weekend.


rhubarbwhine said...

What a simple, clever - brilliant idea. You could market those.

Sue said...

Neat can holder. Keep those creative juices flowing.