25 March 2009

My weekend kicked butt!

Some months ago, we found out that my second favorite guitar picker on the planet would be playing in Wichita. We immediately bought tickets and waited impatiently for the concert date of March 21st.




Tommy Emmanuel kicks some serious guitar butt. He also appreciates handknits, which makes him an A-number one swell guy. He got socks last year, and this was his early birthday present:

Nice, eh? Baby camel, so it's reeeaaaly soft. Just the thing for quick trips to Moscow. He had plenty of nice things to say about Junior, and the pair posed for this shot:

Whoa. Same hair!

Same love of guitar, too. After each song, Little Himself grinned and clapped right along with everybody else. The really funny part was during the first song. Junior sat right up, smiling and enjoying the music. Then he got the darnedest look on his face and whipped around to look at Daddy. Just like the last concert...

"Hey, if YOU'RE here, who's making the music?!"

If you've never heard of Tommy Emmanuel, take a minute to look him up on YouTube. The videos don't do him full justice, but they'll give you an idea of just how "WOW" this guy is.

Sunday was fun, too. I had to skip Knitting this week, but it was all for a good cause. Our friend J was up from Lubbock for a visit, so we threw a party. Potluck, with plenty of cake and coffee and general weirdness. I believe a good time was had by all.

Ooo, speaking of coffee, my cup runneth on empty. I must away to the pot...


Lourie said...

Sounds like you had a grand time.

Molly said...

I went, I saw, I listened! He's very good. I love Classical Gas and House of The Rising Sun......

Molly said...

BTW, loved your comment on my "moons!"

This is called not being able to get it all in one sock!

Mags said...

So, the boy's namesake is back in town.
The scarf is beautiful....softness plus warmth...umm..comfort. Sounds like the concert was a fun time!
Happy knitting.
PS I listened to "Amazing Grace"..gave me goosebumps!

Sue said...

Very nice scarf. I love both the color and the pattern.

yarndork said...

Sounds like such a fun time. And the scarf is amazing.

Side note...I finished the 2 (yes, 2!) things I made from the yarn you so generously gave me. And hubby fixed the computer, so there's pictures!

When are you going to be able to join us on Fridays again?