10 January 2009

In which we do fun things...

Have you ever seen a marble being made? It's a very cool and groovy process. Even Junior was impressed, but I think that's probably because it involved fire.

A group of us crazy types went to a shop that sells both machine- and handmade marbles. Just to look around, not because we'd collectively lost our own. Our friend T made a surprise visit from California, so we had to pick the most oddball outing we could think of while she was in town. I voted for a sushi bar/yarn shop tour, but we went to the marble place instead. The demo dude made a big shooter while we watched; spiraled coral and turquoise bands outlined in black.

On our way to a barbecue joint for lunch, I gasped and clutched my phone. No, I didn't have the "vibrate" setting on extra high, I just remembered something. Another friend of ours was headed to our house today while she was in town. Due to the whirlwind tour, we would fail to be there, which led to my failure to be pleased with myself. I'm going to make a pan of raspeberry fudge sour cream brownies to make up for the lapse.

From marbles to barbecue to a monstrously huge toy store. Huge. Freakin' enormous! An entire section devoted to pirate stuff, another for Hawaiian-themed things. And so forth. Himself has mentioned several times that we should try to find a coonskin cap for Junior, just so they can play "Davy Crockett". Well, guess what?

Sing it with me now:

Born in a hospital in B.F.E.,

Three-time champion for Distance Pee!

When they see him coming, all the housecats flee;

When he's hungry, he's crabbier than me!

Baby, Baby Crockett!

King of the tantrum tears.


yarndork said...

Awww, sweetheart, if you had only told me that Junior had a Crockett fixation, I totally could have hooked you up long ago. Our #1 had a Daniel Boone thing back when he was a mere 5 years old or so. I actually sewed him a costume, and a coon-skin hat. My kids all have big heads, none of them can even wear the cool hat now...

Dianne said...


Mags said...

Your boy just get cuter everyday...and that hat..wow!
What an interesting post...who knew about marbles?????
I do love your version of Davy Crockett.
Happy knitting.

loloen said...

Did you go to the marble place in Bonner? My sister in law lives within walking distance of there and for Christmas, we all got neat-o gifts from there.

Damn, I hate forgetting things. Especially when it's plans with someone else. I feel your pain.

Molly said...

I'm giggling my way through a "random stop" tour of your recent posts and agree with the conclusion you came to at the end of your comment on my blog!