22 November 2008

The Baby Burglar

There's a little tiny burglar
who is living in our place.
He has itty-bitty fingers
and a charming baby face.

Though he hasn't touched my jewelry
or removed a single dime,
it seems this baby burglar has
absconded with my time.

I used to spend my extra hours
occupied with knitting,
but all of that's behind me now;
there's no more time for sitting.

I have no time to wash a dish
or sweep the floor or bake.
No time to spin a single ply;
my crafts I must forsake.

The baby burglar stole my time,
of this I am convinced.
T'was here before he came around;
I haven't seen it since.

So how'd the burglar do it?
Just where have the moments flown?
I've spent them staring into eyes
that look just like my own.

I don't mind in the slightest,
there's no anger on my part.
For when the burglar stole my time,
he also stole my heart.


yarndork said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Yeah, God makes 'em cute like that so you fall in love before they get really annoying so you can't possibly kill them later on.

Lisa Marie said...

Awesome pic and poem!! =)

loloen said...

He looks SO much like you! (I liked the verse. Very cute.)

Dee said...

so cute!

Mags said...

Wow....bet you knit that cute hat he's wearing???
Your poem rocks....he is soooo adorable no wonder he's a 'big' thief of hearts.
Happy knitting.

KFG said...

Priceless! What a gift you have!

rhubarbwhine said...

I think he just stole mine, too....

Jillster said...

Yah -- he stole my heart practically from day one. Great poem!

Dianne said...

Sooooo sweet!

Ron Sillett said...

What a cutie! Typical Sillett progeny, cute when they're small, smart when they grow up. In case you hadn't noticed, we didn't make it back there this year. Gas prices high and your aunt is afraid of tornadoes. (weenee)

xoxo U.R.