09 October 2008

Yarns and yawns.

Wow, what an adrenaline crash after weeks of "up"! Now that the knitting and music are done, I'm at loose ends. Time to take it easy...

Ah, here's a nice soft easy-care yarn that fades from one pastel to another. K's daughter just had a baby girl, she probably needs a blankie. And I've still got some gray yarn from the Tommy Emmanuel socks, I could make a tiny pair for Little Himself. Ooh, here's some nice fire-colored fiber. I could spin that up as a gift for the Yarn Harlot. She'll probably come up with something really cool to make with it.

Oh, and there's going to be a sort of street dance next week, they want us to play. I should make up a set list. And we want to do a fundraiser for the local Lyme Disease Support Group. I need to start contacting folks about donating items for a bake sale.

Let's see, where's Junior's memory book? Today in music class he picked up a ball all by himself! I need to write that down. He played a drum, too. Quite the little musician, he is. I ought to get him a drum to go with his xylophone. I also need to start work on his pirate costume for Halloween...

Wait, there's two more gigs lined up for this month. I need to figure out who's playing and what we should do, song-wise.

And Junior needs some hats; it's getting cold.

And Dad wants a new pair of socks.

And I've got a bridal shower cake going out this weekend. With cream cheese candy.

And a sixtieth birthday cake at the end of the month.

And brownies and cakes for this weekend...

"Honey? Will you plug in the coffeepot for me? It's gonna be a long night."


Judy said...

You are certainly busy. Don't run yourself down.
My MIL used to decorate cakes and when she did a wedding cake she had icing from one end of her kitchen to the other. She taught me but I don't like the mess so I never did anything with my ability.

Mags said...

You're a whirlwind of activity or maybe your mind is just in overdrive!!!
I love to picture all your baked goods..and drool...and salivate..and...oh, yummy!!!
Counting the days till you see the Yarn Harlot..I'm still drooling.
Happy knitting.