09 May 2008

A day of rest?

Just a few minutes old and already contemplating his place in the universe...

If he's not sleeping, he's studying his surroundings. Very serious. And if Daddy's home, watch out! The two of them are impossible to separate. Of course, Junior seems pretty happy with Mama, too...

Judging from the look on his face, I'd say he's amazed at how nice and warm wool things are. Start 'em off young and you won't have to think of a convincing argument later! The hat is courtesy of P, while the wrap sweater was a gift from DA. You can't see them, but Junior is wearing a pair of socks that came courtesy of M. He also has a wonderful knitted bib from J, but we didn't want to overload his baby sensibilities by piling everything on at once.

I finally picked up the needles again, and I'm working on a pair of socks. Regia, in a colorway by Kaffe Fassett. Two shades of brown, two of green, sky blue, turquoise, red and magenta. Massively funky, so I'm going with a traditional lace pattern.


The combo of "standard" and "out there" will be just right; they're for the doctor that delivered Junior. As Himself says, she's as warped as we are!

Aside from expressing bottles, feeding, changing, rocking, singing and the occasional round of knitting, I get nothing done all day. "I should take a nap. He's asleep, now's the perfect time. Oh, wait. I should do such-and-such. Or maybe I could do thus-and-so. Aw, look at him sleep!"


"I'm hungry. I wonder what we have to eat? Wait, I'd better go watch him for a minute, make sure everything's okay. Yeah, he's fine. He's so cute. What was I doing? Ah, must not have been important."

And so on. Life is good.


Dianne said...

He is clearly the handsomest and most clever little guy ever! I love that picture of him snuggled up to you. Soooooo sweet. His eyes are so expressive! I'm so happy for you all. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Dee said...

He is so wonderful!
I am not suprised he is a studier, seems fitting.


Dee Anna

Lisa Marie said...

Awesome pix =) Kinda looks like he is giving the 'peace' sign in the first one lol

Naomi said...

What a handsome guy! (Want to set our offspring up on a blind date in a couple of decades?)
Glad you've gotten back to knitting even with the adorable distraction in the house.

Mags said...

Home at last.
Your 'wee' boy is beautiful, adorable and so sweet.....awwww..congratulations!!!

Jen C said...

Such a cutie!!!! I love the newborn old man look. Happy belated Mothers Day!!! sounds like you had a great one!!!