17 April 2008

Grumble, grumble.

Sigh. Why are the simple pleasures in life beyond my grasp? All I ask is a chance to show you my new and groovy "confinement stash" and the socks I made for my Mom. After four attempts, I still get a PHBBT404 message, telling me that there were problems during the upload due to internal error.

Fine. We'll all pretend.

Here are the socks. Aren't they great? See how the camera flash picks up the shine of the bamboo in the yarn? I especially like the way the colors lend themselves to the Old Shale pattern.

And check out the stash! Ten skeins of brick red wool in DK weight, just screaming to be made into a sweater. And the two shades of pink Cascade 220 with the hank of off-white? Felted bag, baby! At the bottom left we can see two balls of Fire engine red Rowan Pure Wool. Something for Junior. Maybe a sweater? Ooo! A pillow! With an appliqued dalmation puppy and a fire hydrant! Yeah...

The ball of pale pink Oh My! is for a hat. I have a new cousin and she needs a hat, don't you think? Me, too. At the bottom we can see a ball of Harmony in blues and beiges. Laceweight, nice and soft. At 800-odd yards, it'll end up as a shawl of some sort. Medium-size needles, simple pattern. I don't expect to be getting enough sleep for anything complex.

Rounding things out are the two balls of Regia in a groovy Kaffe Fassett colorway. Turquoise, magenta, brown; lots of colors and they all manage to go together! Can't be anything but socks, dude.

Speaking of rounding things out, I am going to explode. The doctor says that Junior will be here almost any minute now. This is both good and bad. While I can REALLY appreciate the fact that I will soon be able to walk again (Dirty, rotten @#$%& sciatic nerve!), I'm a little sad to think that never again will I be this close to our baby. Yes, he's going to basically be the center of our universe, but I'm going to miss feeling the kicks and turns.

Not to mention the way he gives me an elbow in the ribs when I eat ice cream. "Hey, Mom! Your stomach is resting directly on my butt and it's COLD!"


Dianne said...

Enough with the pictures, already. They're clogging up my server!

Seriously, you have got to get that straightened out before Junior arrives. We need pictures!!! I'm checking your blog every day, waiting and hoping that the little one has made an appearance. I'm sending you "quick and easy delivery" vibes!

Naomi said...

It's different when they're born--the late night parties are much louder!
Sending warm thoughts and prayers for a safe and speedy delivery your way.

Naomi said...
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