21 January 2008

Looking up.

There is a condition common among stage performers, be they singers or actors, known as "the buzz". This is the keyed-up feeling that stays with you for a few hours after a show. Some folks pace, some jabber nonstop, others manifest "the buzz" in various weird ways. Usually I can bring myself down with a warm drink and a book, but last night was a rare exception. We played for a church in the morning, followed right after by a quick rehearsal, followed after that by a performance for the local cancer foundation benefit. I was wired until one a.m. I'm still tired, but it was worth it. Himself was up right along with me, but burned his energy in a far more useful way.

He re-tiled the bathroom.

Impressive, eh? Yes, in the course of two days (with a budget of thirty dollars), Himself has redecorated the bathroom. Tile mosaic around the tub, new sheetrock facing on same, fresh paint on the doors and new vinyl tile. And a towel rack! In the past two weeks, he's painted two rooms, emptied and furnished the nursery, hung posters, cleaned and reorganized the mudroom, front room, bird room and kitchen, and rerouted our cable connection.

He's really bored.

I, on the other hand, am sitting here with some green worsted and a pair of circular needles. Mom needs a sweater. She has very specific requirements as to what a sweater should be, and although she hasn't asked for one, I'm going to try to meet her needs with a nice warm custom job. It should have long sleeves, but they should not extend more than half an inch beyond her wrist bones. It should be a cardigan, but it should cross over in front and close with a tie. It should have a shawl collar. Most importantly, it should be long enough to cover her rear, even (and especially) when she's climbing into the car or sitting down.

Luckily for me, she's only 5'1.

I think I'll make some cocoa to ward off the chill. Gotta see what the birds are up to. Marie has decided to see about hatching some eggs! She has a clutch of three and is actually being rather diligent about sitting on them, rather than throwing them on the floor. Can't say I blame her for the throwing thing; she was eggbound with the first one she ever laid, and it caused her a lot of pain. When she saw the egg the next morning, she picked it up and pitched it to the floor as hard as she could! Such tiny little eggs. I'm looking forward to seeing if they hatch.


Dee said...

YAY Soon to be all kinds of new little lives at your house.

Dee Anna

Mags said...

Wow...I am impressed by the work and the budget!!!
Mothers are so demanding! Just wondering how things are going for you.
Happy knitting.

Lisa Marie said...

You better make sure your husband doesn't tire himself out cleaning and fixin' up the house - he won't have energy for that little one of yours when Jr gets there! =)

Jillster said...

Himself is in full nesting mode! Hee!!!