23 November 2007

And the killer is...

My parents have a grandfather clock, and the title of today's post is something Dad said whenever the clock would strike during a partiularly vital part of a movie. The loud bonging would invariably drown out the important revelation, much to his chagrin.

Rather than keep you in suspense as to the whole work thing, I can now report that BONG BONG BONG...

Just kidding. The prayers and good thoughts are working so far! A major job came through at the last second, and the quarry will be open on Monday.

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, here are a few other things for which I am thankful...

1. My relatives. Even the complete nuts, because rolling your eyes and gritting your teeth counts as exercise.
2. My co-workers, because I have free reign to be weird in their presence. ML wondered why the sorting tables were so far apart, so E offered to push them together if ML didn't mind "working in a crack". I allowed that if she wanted to work in a crack, she'd be a proctologist. Things got strange after that, and we all wound up with sore ribs from giggling.
3. My friends. This includes those of you who drop by regularly to read. I am thankful for you because you all EXPECT me to be weird, and never try to chase me with butterfly nets. Some of you have even given me yarn, and will listen to my stories no matter how loud or convoluted.
4. My stash. Although it is taking over the house and is beginning to demand key privileges, the stash does its part by insulating the house and preventing unwanted guests from staying too long. No place to sit, you see. Plus, the alpaca has reverted to a feral state and occasionally menaces the meter reader.

Actually, my life is great, and I'm thankful for just about all of it. Except for the @#$%& sciatica and one or two annoying people, but hey. All the more reason to keep the knitting needles handy.


Mags said...

So glad to hear the quarry is open.
Awwww...you just reminded us...we all have so much to be thankful for...everyday!!!

all about health said...

hai thank to dorp by...dianna