23 August 2007

My lucky day.

I wish I could take credit for the underwear line, but I can't. It was inspired by a friend of mine who told a story of a knitted hat with a Morse code pattern around the crown. Oughta make a great sweater, though.

Why is today lucky? For starters, I found a new book called "Knit Kimono", which fascinates me on many levels. I also got a Steve Martin CD! One of the tracks is "King Tut", an all-time favorite.

The biggest stroke of luck came about by accident. The set for "Lost Daughter" looks great, but something was missing. Ah! Stage left is supposed to be the home of the nice Jewish lady. Where's the Menorah?

Not got.

I took a chance and headed to Lawrence. Hey, there's the Jewish Community Center! AND THEY HAVE A GIFT SHOP! Ohboyohboyohboy! I got there at 10:43. Here's the weird part: they were open from 10:45 to noon today. Is that lucky or what? I got my Menorah and some interesting conversation, then headed back home in time to go to work.

The tiny sweater is coming along. I hope there's enough light backstage to see what I'm knitting. While you're here, don't forget to sign the guestbook and leave a suggestion for the Braille sweater. Ta!


Mags said...

Should'a bought yourself a lottery ticket.
Who could top the underwear line....

Naomi said...

I'd do the Braille with bobbles instead of purl stitches. "I'm not a bobble-head doll!"
Okay, so maybe it's just the cough medicine that makes that idea seem funny to me.